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Sophomore Review & Preliminary Plan

The Sophomore Review is designed as a tool for students and advisors to help in the conscious planning of a thoughtful education here at Marlboro.

Students are asked to review the courses and extra-curricular work they have done and answer five questions having to do with:

  1. broad study
  2. the development of a global perspective
  3. continued work towards good writing
  4. responsible action in the community
  5. the preparation for a Plan of Concentration

Students in the second semester of their sophomore year must complete a Sophomore Review and Preliminary Plan Application form.

The best way to complete this important application is to read the information connected with the links below, talk with your faculty advisor, and attend the Plan Workshop (see Events Calendar). Feel free to contact the Director of Advising, who will be running the Plan Workshop each semester, if you have any questions.

Sophomore Review

Preliminary Plan Application


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