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What is an Ashoka U Changemaker Campus?

Ashoka U Changemaker Campus Network is a dynamic, global network of leading colleges and universities who commit to advancing social innovation and changemaking across their institution and beyond. From admissions and the curriculum, to career services and alumni engagement, these colleges and universities set the bar for social innovation and change making in higher education.  

How did this happen?

At President Quigley’s request, Marlboro has put together a team of students, faculty, and staff from both campuses to lead the Ashoka process. We’ll be working closely with the undergraduate and graduate school communities to identify opportunities at Marlboro that fit with the Ashoka U goals. We hope to support key programs that are already underway at Marlboro.

Why Ashoka?

Being an Ashoka U Changemaker Campus is an opportunity for Marlboro to share the innovative ways that we teach and learn with a community of our peers. It is also an opportunity to direct financial and institutional support to the programs at Marlboro that bring about positive change in the world, through direct action, and through education. We’ll also be able to learn from dozens of other schools that also care deeply about making positive change. Moreover, by becoming an Ashoka U  Changemaker Campus, Marlboro will gain access to the Ashoka Fellows network, an incredible group of changemakers that can offer education, work opportunities and connections to our students.


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