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Info for Campus Security Authorities

Given the nature of our small community, all staff and faculty members (including RAs) at Marlboro College are considered Responsible Employees under Title IX and Campus Security Authorities under the Clery Act. As such, if these individuals learn of a crime, they are required by Marlboro College policy to report it.

The video accessible in the link below provides information about the spirit behind the Clery Act and what it means to be a Campus Security Authority (CSA) and what happens if you report a crime. At Marlboro College, all crime reports received by CSAs are filtered through our Sonis-based incident report form (for residential life staff), through the online form, or through an email or in-person conversation with the Dean of Students, who will take appropriate action depending on the crime. If you have questions, please contact

To watch the video, you’ll need to login to Google Apps with your Marlboro credentials.


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