Campus Safety Navigation

Paging an RA

In the event of an emergency after business hours, first call 911 then either call or text the RA iPhone at 802-490-9048. If you don’t get a reply within a few minutes, page the on-call RA at 877-730-0533 who can get a coordinator to help while waiting for EMTs. If urgent but not emergent, call, text, or page the RA on call, who can help determine the best next steps.

Pager Instructions

Call the pager number, type in your phone number, and press #. Hang up ONLY after you hear the tone. You will be called back within a few minutes.

The college keeps public on-call Google calendars, so you can see who is on call each night, from the RAs and the coordinators, to the dean of students, director of housing and res life, or director of the Total Health Center. To view these, open Google calendar and on the left side menu search for “RA on call calendar” and “Coordinator & DOS on call calendar.” You have to be logged in with your email address.

Please, when it’s not an emergency, come to the person on call with a concern rather than grabbing a random RA or coordinator who may be off-duty. For concerned staff or faculty, please don’t contact Catherine, as she is not a part of the on-call emergency response team. Contact a coordinator on call or the dean of students. Thank you!

We do have landline phones for any resident to sign out if they want one. They are free to use and $20 to replace if lost. If you want one, please talk to the director of campus safety when you see him on campus, text him at Campus Safety iPhone at: 802-490-9073, or go to his office in Gander to sign one out.


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