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Training, Facilitation & Consulting Certificate

A hands-on certificate program for everyone who works with groups.

Do you want to improve your skills as a facilitator, trainer, or consultant? Would you like to learn how to design meetings and training experiences that powerfully engage diverse participants? Would you like to become more adept at managing groups … especially challenging groups facing difficult situations? Do you want to sharpen your insight and develop your portfolio of skills as a consultant?

Our Training, Facilitation, and Consulting Certificate Program is designed for experienced facilitators, trainers, and consultants, and also people who are moving into these roles.

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Is this program right for you?

We’ve designed this program for:

  • Employees who provide training and capacity-building in their daily work
  • Independent consultants—especially those working with nonprofits—and people who are considering consulting as a career
  • People who want to provide training or facilitation services to their own organizations, networks, or coalitions

Our trainers are skilled at meeting the needs of a variety of learners and learning styles. You can expect a combination of instruction, exercises, small group work, writing, problem-solving, role playing, and skill-building games.

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If you have questions, please email Kim Lier.

Optional graduate credit is available for a per credit surcharge. Please contact Kim Lier for more information about receiving 2 graduate credits for this program.

What You Get

  • Two in-person workshops at a beautiful retreat in Chesterfield, New Hampshire—a total of five days of intensive, hands-on training.
  • Four hours of personalized coaching, including opportunities to shadow and learn from instructors. (As requested, additional hours are available for purchase.)
  • Monthly webinars, conference calls, and other learning opportunities.
  • A notebook of training and facilitation resources, with links to additional online resources.
  • A network of peers for shared learning, problem-solving, mutual support, and referrals.
  • Upon completion, a Certificate in Training, Facilitation, and Consulting.

A Curriculum Customized to Meet Your Needs

We will cover a variety of subjects, providing ample opportunities for you to practice, make mistakes, reflect, and improve your skills. You will learn how to:

  • Understand different ways people learn and engage
  • Design and run effective meetings, workshops, and retreats
  • Assess and respond to simple and complex group problems and tasks
  • Manage groups and group process; creating the conditions for groups to be productive and function at their best
  • Build consensus and skillfully address conflict
  • Consult with groups and build relationships with clients, partners, and peers
  • Increase your confidence working with groups in any context

About 40 percent of our classroom time will be devoted to training, 40 percent to facilitation, and 20 percent to consulting. Through breakout sessions and individual coaching, we are excited to adapt the content to meet your specific needs and offer lots of tips and tricks from the trainer’s toolbox.


“One of the most important investments I’ve made in my own professional development. I gained skills and knowledge that I could apply immediately. The one-on-one coaching and consulting is worth the cost of tuition!”

“Really broadened my understanding of group dynamics and how to approach unique situations with sensitivity and grace.”

“If you work regularly with groups, facilitate meetings, or want to train smarter, this is the (jam-packed-with-knowledge, friendly, and fun) course for you. And the trainers rock!”

“One of the best gifts I ever gave myself. Totally transformative.”


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