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Committee on Staff

Committee on Staff (CoS) is an elected committee nominated by the current staff community. CoS consists of multiple members, two of whom also serve as elected staff representatives to the board of trustees and relevant committees.

Current Members

Margaret Hunt (1/18, CoS representative to the Senior Team), Laura Champagne (1/18, CoS, Ex-Officio, representative for Human Resources), Open (1/18, CoS representative to the Benefits Committee), Danette Reynolds (9/18, CoS representative to the Board of Trustees), Tanner Jones (elected 1/19, CoS representative to the Board of Trustees), Stephanie Sopka (elected 1/19).


Our missions are to:

  • Collaborate with the President to work on selected initiatives that support all staff.
  • Meet quarterly with the President to report on initiatives and advise on current staff morale, issues, concerns, and ideas.
  • Advocate for all Marlboro College staff as representatives of the staff and engage in initiatives for staff well-being in collaboration with the Office of the President and the Senior Team.
  • Coordinate monthly All Staff meetings and organize at least one staff activity a year (picnic, etc).
  • Appoint one committee member to serve as representatives on the Benefits Committee.


  • We are always available in person or by phone, to talk about ideas, concerns, etc.
  • Email all current CoS members any concerns, ideas, issues, etc at:


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)