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Staff Recognition

Celebrate fellow staff members by nominating them for an award. 

Accolades and Appreciations

Submit your praise to be shared at the next All Staff meeting.

Distinguished Service Award

The Marlboro College Distinguished Service Award is designed to publicly recognize and honor Marlboro College staff members from both campuses for their contributions to the lives of one another and in service of the Marlboro College mission.


  • Nominations will be accepted by CoS via the online form 
  • The awardee will be selected by CoS 
  • The $250 award will be presented at Town Meeting.

Nomination guidelines:

  • Use the online form.
  • Staff nominees may be nominated by Marlboro College students, faculty and staff.
  • Submissions must be received by the deadline posted. Deadline and submission guidelines will be circulated via a community-wide email.
  • Length limited to 250 words.

Selection criteria:

  • The nomination should clearly articulate the significant impact of the nominee. Nominations may include (but are not limited to) explicit advancement of the Marlboro College mission and/or exemplary service and commitment to the welfare of the community. Contributions highlighted could be work-related and/or interpersonal in nature.
  • All nominations will be evaluated using a rubric developed by CoS (previously PACSE).
  • Nominations will be considered for two consecutive awards, if the person nominated is not selected.

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