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First Year

The first year is a time to build on your strengths and to develop new skills, sampling from across the areas of study to explore new interests.

Develop Your Academic Skills

Work on improving your writing, critical reading and thinking, class participation and research strategies. There are a variety of resources at Marlboro to help you.

  • Register for a writing seminar or designated writing course, which will help you develop a portfolio by the end of your first semester.
  • For research guidance, speak with a librarian who will explain resources available in Marlboro’s library, teach you more sophisticated ways of searching databases and assist you in accessing print and electronic sources.
  • Sharpen your study skills by taking advantage of study skills workshops provided by the director of academic support services.
  • Talk to your advisor, other faculty and juniors and seniors in your Dedicated Hour, as well as the director of academic support services, for pointers on time management, critical reading, note taking or effective participation in class discussions.

Explore the Curriculum

Study broadly; exploring various disciplines will enable you to discover different modes of learning, become familiar with faculty and build a foundation for further study.

Plan Ahead

Discuss educational goals with your advisor (see Topics for Advisors and Advisees). Review course requirements for individual fields of study to get a sense of direction and the parameters of a discipline. Begin the courses that are prerequisites for the World Studies Program if you are considering entering this program.


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