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Junior Year

As junior year begins, you will be expected to assume even more responsibility for your academic program.

It is important to balance your schedule, which should include Plan-related coursework and possibly tutorials as well as some coursework unrelated to your Plan of Concentration. You and your Plan sponsor(s) will collaborate on the direction for your research. You may not know exactly where you are headed, but in the course of the year it will become clearer.

Further Develop Your Academic Skills

Take courses to improve in areas you still have difficulty with or to fulfill the requirements that are necessary for the completion of your Plan. Take a writing-intensive course to hone your writing skills and a research methodology course related to your field of study. Consult with the director of academic support services to expand your academic skills, especially focusing on independent research and writing strategies.

Consider Study Abroad and Internships

Consider/prepare for an internship or other off-campus experience in the second semester. Consult the associate director of world studies regarding study abroad opportunities. Talk to your Plan sponsor(s) well in advance to shape your course of study to accommodate a semester off campus. Courses that are offered once a year or every other year may need to be taken earlier.

Complete the Final Plan Application

Submit the Final Plan Application by the end of the second semester of your junior year. Make sure you begin the process early, giving yourself time for revisions as you and your sponsor(s) deem necessary.


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