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Senior Year

Completing your Plan of Concentration

This is the year in which you will write/create the Plan work that will be evaluated by your outside examiner. Most of your work may be completed in tutorials with your Plan sponsor(s). Since you are not likely to be subject to the structure of many regular classes, one of your greatest challenges will be to manage your time productively between tutorials. Ask for the feedback that you need on your writing, lab work or creative work, and keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your Plan sponsor(s), especially if you are studying with more than one sponsor.

Continue to Sharpen Your Skills

Take a Plan writing seminar. Consult with the director of academic support services for help with time management. Consider taking one class unrelated to your Plan, for variety.

Plan Ahead

Create a timeline with your Plan sponsor(s), based on a schedule that works for you: set daily, weekly or monthly deadlines for yourself. Do this in the first semester of your senior year, re-visit it regularly and decide how to proceed.

Meet with Plan Sponsor(s)

Meet weekly with your Plan sponsor(s). If you are doing a cross-disciplinary or interdisciplinary Plan, you should have group meetings at least twice a semester.


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