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Sophomore Year

Charting a Course

Sharpen Your Academic Skills

In anticipation of Plan work, continue to work on your writing by taking a designated writing course. Also, avail yourself of the research methods workshops and individual guidance provided by the library. Talk to faculty to learn what steps you need to take to bring your research, writing and creative skills up to Plan level. Meet with the director of academic support services for ongoing academic skill development.

Explore the Curriculum

As you continue to study across the curriculum, possible directions for your Plan will emerge. Take courses with all of the faculty with whom you’re considering working on Plan. Carefully choose courses that will be expected for Plan work in these degree fields. In this way you will build a strong foundation for Plan.

Write a Sophomore Review

This is an opportunity to assess your program so far and discuss your intentions for Plan. Write a draft of this statement and meet with your advisor to discuss it before the major break (either Thanksgiving or spring break) in the second semester of your sophomore year.

The goals of the Sophomore Review are:

  • to engage in a discussion of the structure and goals of your higher education at its midpoint;
  • to assess the character and quality of your education during the first two years;
  • to support the values of broad study, global perspective, clear writing and community engagement; and
  • to anticipate the needs of your Plan of Concentration.

Plan Ahead

  1. Discuss your vision of the coming year (including study abroad) and future educational plans (including graduate school) with your advisor (see Topics for Advisors and Advisees).
  2. Attend current seniors’ Plan presentations and the Plan workshop.
  3. Complete the Sophomore Review and Preliminary Plan Application in the second semester of your sophomore year.
  4. If you are interested in the World Studies Program, continue to take its requirements.


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