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Transfer Students

Transferring into Marlboro as a sophomore or junior, you may feel as if you have to hit the ground running. We expect you will need time to get to know faculty and decide what you are going to do on Plan.

Think Ahead

Before you even come to Marlboro, try to have a working idea of what you’d like to study: have a degree field (or two) in mind. This is especially important if you’re coming to Marlboro as a junior. Knowing what you’re interested in, and being able to talk about it with your advisor and potential Plan sponsor(s), will help you get started.

Work Closely with Your Advisor

Because you are new to Marlboro and will have a relatively short learning curve before you go on Plan, regular meetings with your advisor or a potential Plan sponsor are essential.

Take Time to Get to Know Faculty

You may be shifting gears from where you were before. If you were on a narrow track in biology at the University of Arizona and you have decided to study literature and philosophy at Marlboro, you’ll have some catching up to do. Go to as many of the introductory course sessions during the first two days of class as you can. Take courses that speak to your interests, but also talk to your advisor and other faculty members. Become familiar with the faculty members who teach in your area of interest, so that you can decide early in the process who you really want to work with.

Submit a portfolio for the Clear Writing Requirement

It is essential that you submit for the Clear Writing Requirement during your first semester, since you will likely be beginning your preparations for Plan soon after that.

Attend Plan Presentations and Workshops

You will not only get critical information about the process of going on Plan, but in small group sessions you will be able to ask questions of current Plan students and faculty who have years of experience with all varieties of Plans. You’ll find out how to approach a faculty member about a tutorial, how tutorials work and the differences between the Sophomore Review, Preliminary Plan Application and Final Plan Application.

Continue to Explore

You may not have the flexibility in course choices that freshman students do, but explore as broadly as possible.


Talk to your faculty, your roommates, Plan students, other students who have transferred to Marlboro and the director of academic advising. Ask for help when you need it.


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