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Alternative Format Books

Students with disabilities who have difficulty with printed material may receive their books and handouts in an alternative format. Eligibility for this accommodation is determined on an individualized basis, and students must be able to demonstrate a substantial visual or learning disability. As it can take many weeks to provide alternative format texts, it is the student’s responsibility to get all relevant information to the Assistant Dean of Academic Advising & Support, as soon as possible after class registration.

Alternative format texts can be requested using this linked form.

Evacuation Policy

Each semester the OAS will maintain a confidential list of student with mobility disabilities who may need assistance with evacuation. The list contains student’s names and their room assignments. This list will be shared with the Marlboro Fire Department, the on campus fire chief, the Student Life Coordinators, and the Resident Assistant, so that in the event of a fire they can assist with evacuation.

Grievance Policy and Appeals Process

Students who think they have been denied equal access to the College’s academic programs, resources, or other services because of a disability may file a detailed written grievance with the Dean of Faculty as soon as possible after the alleged discrimination occurred, but in no event more than 60 days thereafter. In order to establish the basis for such a grievance, students must have filed a Disability Accommodation Request Form and supporting documentation with the Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and discussed their request with the Assistant Dean. The College encourages students to first speak with the Assistant Dean in order to resolve their complaints informally. If informal steps do not satisfactorily address the complaints or there is a complaint about the Assistant Dean of Academic Advising, students may file the written grievance described above to the Dean of Faculty. The Dean of Faculty will investigate the complaint and issue a report, normally within 30 days.

Appeals Process: Students who are not satisfied with the Dean of Faculty’s decision may file an appeal by contacting the President. Appeals must be submitted within seven business days of when the student receives notice of the Dean of Faculty’s decision. The President may affirm or modify previous decision made and/or may send the matter back for reconsideration by the ADA Committee and the Assistant Dean of Advising. The President will communicate a final decision to the student in writing.

Information Policy

All student information will be kept confidential among the staff of the OAS, unless authorized in writing by the student or required by law.

Interpreters and Captioning Services

At the request of students who are deaf, the OAS will provide a CART reporter or sign language interpreters. Students are requested to provide current documentation and to meet with the OAS Coordinator to discuss course information. As it can take time to make these arrangements, student should make contact as soon as possible after enrollment. Students must notify the OAS if he/she is unable to attend class so the interpreter or CART reporter can be cancelled.

Note takers

Students requesting note takers must meet with the Assistant Dean and provide appropriate documentation to be considered for note taking services. If approved for this accommodation, the ODS will generate a note taker request letter which the student will hand deliver to each professor. The letter will ask the instructor to make an announcement in class that there is a student requesting a note taker and that anyone interested should contact the OAS. Students should advise the OAS if they prefer that their identity be kept confidential. Arrangement for pick up of notes will be made on a case-by-case basis. Notetakers are provided as a necessary accommodation, and are not considered a substitute for full participation in the course. Failure to attend class regularly may result in discontinuation of services.


Students with disabilities requiring a parking permit for campus must provide documentation and contact the OAS as soon as possible.

Records Policy

The OAS will keep, in confidentiality, all records for students with disabilities until graduation, at which time they will be purged. If a student is withdrawn, dismissed or discontinued before that time, records will be kept for 3 years or until documentation is not longer current.

Service Animal Policy

Service animals will be permitted on campus when needed as an accommodation. The animal must be licensed and have an up to date health statement, including vaccinations, from a licensed veterinarian. The animal should wear some type of commonly recognized identification symbol and be leashed and quiet at all times. A service animal may be excluded from campus when that animal’s behavior poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others, or is not being used as an accommodation. When a service animal is determined out of control or disruptive as reported by students, staff or faculty, the infraction will be treated on an individualized basis. The student will be responsible for any damages incurred to property, as well as ensuring the safety, health, and behavior of the animal. For more information see Article V: On-Campus Animal Regulations in the bylaws for details of our animal policy.

Support Animal Policy

Support animals will only be permitted in campus housing when supported by sufficient documentation and deemed a reasonable accommodation for a student with a disability. All health and behavioral guidelines will be the same as for service animals. Requests for a therapy pet in housing must be made at least two months prior to the start of the semester. For more information see Article V: On-Campus Animal Regulations in the bylaws for details of our animal policy.


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