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Drury Gallery

A wing of Whittemore Theater, the Drury Gallery, was designed by architectural sculptor Michael Singer while he was Marlboro’s visiting artist.

Installations by Marlboro students and faculty and a wide range of national and international artists fill the Drury each year. It also serves as a visually compelling space for lectures and literary readings.

The Drury Gallery is open from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, every day except Saturday and Wednesday, while the college is in session. For more information, call 802-257-4333.

Current Exhibit

Daddy's BooksDaddy’s Books

Daddy’s Books is a traveling library of over 150 artists’ books, zines, comics, poetry chapbooks, and works of fictions donated from artists, writers, and publishers around the world. Curators Caitlin Macbride and Lauren Faigle will transform Drury Gallery into an inviting, interactive reading room for visitors. Guests are welcome to gather a pile of favorites to read, pull up a chair and stay a while. The books on display at Daddy’s Books include printed words on the page, but many push the definition of “book” to it’s limit, or deny it altogether, including works on stone, audiotape, and fur. Collected with an inclusive spirit, the curators welcome submissions to the exhibition from local community members. In their words, Daddy’s Books strives to find work that is “open, unfettered … and able to keep you company in even your most lonely, fearful, or confusing times.”

About Drury Gallery

A floor plan of the gallery can be found here. Drury Gallery is a flexible space designed by architect Michael Singer while he was Marlboro’s visiting artist. Two movable walls can be rearranged to fit artists’ needs, but cannot be removed from the gallery. Two projectors and a 42” flat screen monitor are available for artists’ use. Crates can be stored on campus. Installation materials beyond screws and nails must be provided. Marlboro College will repackage artwork at the installation’s end, but shipping and return of artwork to and from the gallery must be arranged for and paid by the artist.


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