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A wing of Whittemore Theater, the Drury Gallery, was designed by architectural sculptor Michael Singer while he was Marlboro’s visiting artist.

Installations by Marlboro students and faculty and a wide range of national and international artists fill the Drury each year. It also serves as a visually compelling space for lectures and literary readings.

The Drury Gallery is open from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, every day except Saturday and Wednesday, while the college is in session. For more information, call 802-257-4333.

Current Exhibit

BLASTER, 24" X 24", Mixed media

BLASTER, 24" X 24", Mixed media

Heaven and Earth II

Humberto Ramriez’s ‘Heaven and Earth’ juxtaposes two very different bodies of work: his ‘Perpetual War,’ Paintingsand Botanical Abstractions. Each series of Ramirez’s oil paintings emerged from radically different personal and world conditions and are born out of two different artistic impulses. While the imagery in the ‘Perpetual War’ Paintings reflects the militarized world we are living in, Ramirez’s Botanical Abstractions offer viewers a refuge from it.

The ‘Perpetual War’ paintings are Ramirez’s response to the Iraq War. Not a stranger to violence, Ramirez immigrated to the United States in 1975 during Pinochet’s reign of terror. He explains that following 9-11, “once again in [his] life, [he] witnessed unchecked patriotism, reactionary ethnophobia and ultimately the horrors of yet another war.” In turn, nearly twenty years later, Ramirez observes that “late capitalism can’t sustain itself without its war machine… rather than being the exception, war is now the new normal.”5-28-18, 5'x 6', Acrylic on canvas5-28-18, 5'x 6', Acrylic on canvas

In contrast to the imagery presented in the ‘Perpetual War’ paintings, Ramirez’s Botanical Abstractions offer more ambiguous imagery inspired by the natural world. Yet, they are also a response to the current political environment. Ramirez sees these paintings as a “place of peace and quiet to sustain [him] through the barrage of social media, newscasts and the incessant chatter we all have to maneuver through every day…especially the base rhetoric of hatred and division that infiltrates American politics.” Exhibiting these two temporally and thematically different works, Ramirez creates a discursive tension between our collective consciousness and our private worlds.

Bio: Humberto Ramirez is an interdisciplinary, multimedia artist and curator. Recent projects include participation in ‘Ten Years of the One Minute Film Festival’ at MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA; MoMA PopRally. Humberto Ramirez is a Full Professor of Art at Landmark College and The Vermont College of Fine Arts.

About Drury Gallery

A floor plan of the gallery can be found here. Drury Gallery is a flexible space designed by architect Michael Singer while he was Marlboro’s visiting artist. Two movable walls can be rearranged to fit artists’ needs, but cannot be removed from the gallery. Two projectors and a 42” flat screen monitor are available for artists’ use. Crates can be stored on campus. Installation materials beyond screws and nails must be provided. Marlboro College will repackage artwork at the installation’s end, but shipping and return of artwork to and from the gallery must be arranged for and paid by the artist.


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