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Benefits of Planning Ahead

Who should visit the career center? YOU!
When should I make an appointment? NOW!

First Year

Ask yourself ‘what gives me energy?’ and ‘when do I feel most engaged?’

  • While studying broadly in your first 2 years it is important to be mindful of how you feel while learning. Are there times of day that are energizing? Certain activities that bring you joy? Let’s talk about those things and how they play into your future.
  • Complete your Marlboro College Learning Plan. Outline how you plan to meet the Marlboro Promise. Upload your learning plan to your Portfolio.
  • Meet with a peer career coach and draft your first resume. Upload to your Portfolio.
  • Talk to students during Dedicated Hour about how they made decisions about what to study and what next steps look like for them.
  • Consider serving on a committee or joining a student led resource center.
  • Take a self-assessment to identify strengths, skills, and interests.

Second Year

Reflect on your talents (what you do well) and interests (things you care about). How might you combine them?

  • Visit the Center for Experiential Learning and Global Engagement to find out more about study away, internship, and grant opportunities.
  • Update your resume and have it reviewed by the career center.
  • Start building your network. 
  • Join Branch Out and LinkedIn
  • Participate in a Career Week workshop.

Third Year

Brainstorm several plans for the future. Begin Prototyping.

  • Complete an internship! Or Study Away!
  • Thinking about graduate school? Start looking and requesting information.
  • Complete at least three informational interviews in careers you want to explore. Shadow professionals in your fields of interest.
  • Research potential employers and talk to recent graduates and alumni in your area of study.
  • Begin to collect recommendations from previous or current employers.

Fourth Year

Embrace your choice. Align your compass.

  • Pursue opportunities that connect who you are and what you believe with what you’ll do. Coherence!
  • Develop an employer prospect list with contact names and addresses of organizations you are interested in pursuing.
  • If applicable, take graduate school exams and complete applications.
  • Report acceptance of jobs or graduate school admission to Career Services.
  • Final update to your resume.


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