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Career Pathways

Whatever your path, we’ve got you covered.

Career Development has designed eight career communities to support students and alumni as they enter and advance in the world of work.

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Education, Nonprofit, and Social Impact 

unites careers that involve direct human services, often in a community-based setting. This includes careers in social work, mentoring/counseling, public and private education, and youth development as well as administration of organizations that provide these types of services.


Entrepreneurship, Business, and Consulting 

is a diverse group of professions that attracts problem-solvers, analysts, creative thinkers, and relationship-builders. Many Marlboro graduates go on to become entrepreneurs, create or work in start-ups, join consultancies, build new networks, or lead in existing enterprises across many industries and community impact areas.

Health Professions and Public Health

Members of the Health Professions and Public Health community have a wide range of career interests that include caring for those who are ill, safety and health concerns of general populations, and the use of knowledge of natural sciences to improve public health.


Library Science and Museum Studies

Many Marlboro College alumni are drawn to careers in library and information science and museum studies. This career community includes a variety of professions that support the diverse work of museums and libraries and are devoted to creating access to knowledge and art through curating, preservation, archiving, public programming, and education.

Performing Arts, Theater, Dance, and Music

The performance community is for students who want to use their artistic, professional, and personal skills to work in the arts. Whether you are a singer, instrumentalist, DJ, conductor, dancer, actor, or anything in between, you will find your community here.
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Public Service, Government, International Affairs, and Law

this community requires that individuals understand historical context, exhibit critical thinking, and display passion for service—whether it be in an NGO, a think tank, government agency, or the private sector.
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The Technology, Engineering, Physical and Environmental Sciences, and Math community unites a very broad group of career paths and opportunities, all of which interact with the themes of problem solving and scientific inquiry. Those involved in this community are passionate about using their knowledge, skills, and talents to grapple with these themes, identify problems in the world around them, and work toward solutions.

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Visual Arts, Media, Marketing, and Communications

This career community includes those interested in careers related to visual arts, design, cultural and entertainment services, as well as those interested in careers related to radio, television, journalism, publishing, and public relations. Are you someone that loves to tell a story through rich media? This group is for you!


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