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The Technology, Engineering, Physical and Environmental Sciences, and Math Career Community unites a very broad group of career paths and opportunities, all of which interact with the themes of problem solving and scientific inquiry.

Those involved in this community are passionate about using their knowledge, skills, and talents to grapple with these themes, identify problems in the world around them, and work toward solutions.


ScienceNews.org - Magazine of the Society for Science & the Public

MentorNet - E-mentoring network particularly for women and others underrepresented in engineering, science, and mathematics. Offers one-on-one mentoring programs and a rich resume database.

Janelia Undergraduate Scholars are among the very best future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians who are interested in exploring basic neuroscience, imaging technology, and related fields of research at Janelia. Also check the Janelia Graduate Program.


Environmental Scientist, Environmental Systems Analysis, Inc.


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