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For Marlboro students who are Mandarin language learners, our partnership with Heilongjiang University in Harbin, China is a wonderful program. The exchange, facilitated by Heilongjiang alum and Marlboro Chinese professor Grant Li, allows Marlboro students to take advantage of their summer break to study Mandarin.

Academics: Students can study for 4 or 6 weeks in an intensive language environment during the summer break (July/August). The version of Mandarin spoken in the Heilongjiang region is the most standard, allowing students to practice in and out of the classroom. Classes are small to ensure optimal faculty to student ratio; a placement test at the beginning of the program determines your class level. While language-learning is the main focus, the university also engages students in a number of extracurricular activities that Chinese students can also participate in. These activities allow students to learn both about Chinese culture, such as taiji, calligraphy, paper cutting or Peking opera, and about local history, through museum tours, city walks and temple visits.

Location: Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province, is located in the northeast corner of China, also nicknamed the “New England” of China. Because of its peculiar position, Russian and European influences make the city’s architecture eclectic and unique. Harbin also boasts a long culinary tradition, a reputation as Music City and a complex history dating back to the late Stone age. While winters in the area are quite cold (the city is famous for its winter ice sculptures), summers are warm and perfect for visits to regional landmarks such as Sun Island Park or the Wudalianchi Volcanic National Park.

Application: if you’re interested in studying abroad at Heilongjiang University, contact the Marlboro international services office to get the process started! Get all the answers and the help you need to manage the application.

Further information about the application procedure can be found on the Heilongjiang exchange students page. The International Students Admissions Office will not only assist you during the visa application process, but also pick you up at the airport and help you with accommodation, meals, activities and everything you need to settle in. For further information, you can contact Hu Xiaofeng (Ada) at hu.xiaofeng@163.com.


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