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Angular building at Leuphana University

Marlboro’s partnership with Leuphana University, a medium-sized institution of about 7,000 students, offers a unique undergraduate exchange experience in Lüneburg, Germany. Built on the legacy of a centuries-old university institution, Leuphana is an award-winning humanistic, action-oriented and sustainable university within the German higher education system.

Academics: With 30 different degree programs ranging within the fields of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sustainability, and Economics and Business, Marlboro students can choose between classic liberal arts courses, or branch out. Leuphana’s position as a leading research institution makes the school an interesting destination for students interested in research at a higher education level.

Language: Many courses are taught in English, granting a wide variety of choices for international students. International exchange students can also enroll in intensive German courses at all levels through the Language and Orientation Program offered by the International Office at Leuphana University.

Location: Lüneburg is located in the northern part of Germany, a short train ride away from the main cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover. More than a thousand years old, the city has a wonderfully preserved Medieval town area. While the heart of the city is still a baroque-style marketplace, Lüneburg is today a modern and thriving university town with a lively art and cultural scene.

Upon arrival, a Leuphana student, called a “buddy,” serves as a contact person for a new international student, in particular during the first few days and weeks after their arrival in Lüneburg. The buddy picks up the new student at the airport or train station, takes the student to the accommodation, and helps them to feel at home at the new place of residence and study.

Application: if you’re interested in studying abroad at Leuphana, contact the Marlboro international services office to get the process started! 

Exchange application deadlines:

  • Winter semester (Fall): July 15
  • Summer semester (Spring): January 15


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