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Tuition Exchange Program


Marlboro is a member of The Tuition Exchange, Inc., a non-profit association of colleges and universities across the country. The Tuition Exchange (TE) was founded with the purpose to make careers in higher education more attractive. TE strives to achieve this through a reciprocal scholarship program, which finances college tuition for the children and other family members of staff and faculty employed at participating institutions.


Each year, thousands of awards are provided through TE across the country at full tuition or a set rate. Remitted tuition exchanges are an extension of tuition waivers at the home institution. All exchanges are accomplished through trading - no tuition money changes hands and no reconciliation of differences in tuition is made between sending and receiving institutions. Eligible undergraduate students may receive TE for a maximum of eight semesters or four years of study. Eligible graduate students may receive TE for a maximum of four semesters or two years of study.

The Tuition Exchange, Inc. Home Office

The national office for TE is located at 3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 700, Bethesda, Maryland 20814. The phone number is 301-941-1827. See for more information or to locate colleges and universities who participate in the program.

Importing students into Marlboro College (undergraduates only)

The following information is applicable to students who wish to attend Marlboro College as a TE scholarship student (import).


  • TE scholarships are for undergraduate students who are enrolling full-time on the Marlboro campus as a first-time first-year freshman, transfer student or currently enrolled student. Graduate students, non-degree or non-matriculated students are not eligible to apply.
  • To be considered, the student must be accepted to Marlboro College by February 24th.
  • A TE online application from the home institution certifying a student’s eligibility must be submitted to Marlboro College by February 15th.
  • Recipients must meet satisfactory academic progress in order to maintain scholarship from year to year.
  • Students who are approved for TE scholarships will relinquish any merit based or admissions scholarship awarded at the time of acceptance.
  • TE scholarships may not be applied to student abroad programs.
  • TE scholarships will be held for an approved period of time for students on a medical or other approved leave of absence. If a student’s leave is for one semester then the scholarship is held for one semester. If the leave is approved for one year then the scholarship is held for one year. If the student does not return full-time at the end of the approved leave period the scholarship will be forfeited.
  • Students who are dismissed or withdrawn from the college (voluntarily or involuntarily) will forfeit their scholarship.
  • An eligible student who is readmitted to Marlboro College must reapply for TE.

Selection Process and Notification

  • Applications will be reviewed and decisions made by March 1st of each year.
  • Notification will be via TE online to certifying official at the student’s home institution as well by letter to the student with a copy to the certifying official within 15 days of our decision.

Maximum Scholarship

  • The TE scholarship will be equal to the yearly tuition amount at Marlboro College. Student’s attending for one semester will receive the amount equal to one semester’s tuition.
  • The scholarship will not exceed a maximum of 8 semesters per applicant. Transfer and currently enrolled students will receive the minimum number of terms remaining to complete their degree.

Exporting students to another institution (undergraduate and graduate)

The following Marlboro College employees are eligible to apply by submitting the college’s internal application:

  • Full-time and part-time staff and faculty members (benefits eligible) and their dependent children (including adopted or stepchildren of staff or faculty through age 23).
  • Faculty members granted emeritus status by the President and Board of Trustees can apply for tuition exchange for their dependent children.


  • Staff and faculty members must have been employed for a minimum of two consecutive years.
  • If an applicant is accepted into TE before the age of 24 but turns 24 before the number of terms expire, the student will be allowed to complete the program (provided this is allowed by the host institution).

Award Process

The following process is in place at Marlboro:

  • In order to be considered for eligibility through Marlboro College, students seeking TE awards must have already applied for admission at the college or university he or she wishes to attend.
  • The college employee (staff or faculty) must complete and submit the college’s internal TE application (for new TE applicants) to the financial aid office on or before November 1st of the year prior to the first enrollment date. There is a maximum of up to five institutions per applicant.
  • Determination of eligibility is based, in part, upon the following factors: the number of applicants applying each year, the number of continuing TE scholarships, years of service of the college employee. See “Priority in Award Decisions” below.
  • Once internal decisions for eligibility have been made the financial aid office is responsible for completing the electronic Tuition Exchange, Inc. application. The applications are forwarded to the individual host institutions electronically.
  • The response of acceptance, denial or waitlisted from the host institutions come back at unpredictable times. Some colleges will respond quickly while others wait until they have all TE candidates in hand to make final decisions in late spring or early summer. The Financial Aid Office will notify employees of each institution’s response once it is received. In turn, the employee should contact the financial aid office if they have received a response from the host institution.

Priority in Award Decisions

  • In order to remain as a member institution in good standing, all colleges and universities are required to seek balance in the exporting and importing of TE participants. This is accomplished annually via a balance sheet completed electronically by the college liaison officer and submitted to the Tuition Exchange, Inc.
  • In the case where the number of eligible Marlboro College employees seeking to utilize a TE benefit is greater than the limited number of spaces in the program TE scholarship will be awarded on the basis of length of continuous employment, irrespective of employment classification. There are a limited number of exports in one academic year.
  • In a case where a staff/faculty member has applied to export a second TE candidate, the staff/faculty member’s application will be considered only if there is an opening after all other applications for first-time TE candidates are considered. The one exception to this policy is when reviewing for TE Co-op schools. Applications to TE Co-op schools will be considered. See “Exporting students to another cooperative member school”.
  • For part-time staff members, if there is a tie in the number of years of employment, priority will be given to the employee with the greater number of work hours per week.

Continuing TE Scholarships

  • Recipients must meet satisfactory academic progress in order to maintain scholarship from year to year.
  • TE scholarships may not be applied to student abroad programs not supported by their institution.
  • If a student takes a medical leave, the student will maintain eligibility in the college’s TE program for the subsequent year.
  • Students who are dismissed or withdrawn from the host institution (voluntarily or involuntarily) will forfeit their scholarship.
  • Students who withdraw from an approved host institution must reapply to the TE program.
  • An eligible student who is readmitted to Marlboro College must reapply for TE.

Policy on Replacing Schools When Denied

If the applicant is denied acceptance into any one of the host institution’s TE program after submitting the maximum of five TE applications, we will allow the applicant to submit one additional institution.

Please note: Marlboro College does not participate in the CIC Tuition Exchange Program.


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