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Application Process

If you are conducting research with human or animal subjects, we ask that you submit your proposal to the IRB at least one month before your research is to begin.

It is wise to begin this process earlier than that in case the IRB needs clarification on any part of your research proposal.

Expedited and Full Board Review

There are two levels of IRB Review:

  1. Expedited Review
    These include studies involving only minimal risk, such as surveys and interviews on non-sensitive subjects, unobtrusive observation of manifestly public behavior, participant observation where all participants are aware of the investigator’s role, survey research in which subjects remain anonymous (i.e. in which the respondent’s information cannot be linked to them, even by the researcher), record research where the subjects are not identified by name.
  2. Full Board Review
    These include studies involving more than minimal risk, sensitive subjects, vulnerable populations, invasive techniques, and work abroad.

What to Submit?

At least one month before your research is set to begin, submit:

Once the IRB has looked over your proposal, you may be approved to move forward with your research, or asked to make revisions to your proposal and resubmit.

If you anticipate requiring a very quick turnaround for your research project, please contact the IRB as soon as possible so that we are aware of your situation.


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