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Maintenance Requests

All non-pressing maintenance requests regarding issues with any buildings can be submitted through the Maintenance Request form. This email is monitored and can be accessed by all maintenance staff. Your request will be attended to during normal business hours in order of priority. Please insure every request is sent to this email, as it can be tracked, and you will receive the most prompt attention in this manner.

If there are any emergent situations that need to be addressed in a timely manner, please contact us direct.

  • Assistant to Director of Plant & Operations (x246)
  • Director of Plant & Operations (x 297)


Keys to College spaces; e.g. offices, lecture halls, classrooms, housing, storage spaces, mechanical spaces, etc., will be issued to College employees with the approval of the appropriate Department Head, Dean, or Director. This request should be made by sending an email to

Normal processing time is 3 working days. You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your key is ready. Key pick-up and returns are available daily from 9:00 am-3:00 pm in the Office of the Assistant to the Director of Plant & Operations.

All persons issued a key agree to return all keys to the Office of Plant Operations as soon as they no longer need them. Keys must be returned directly to the office of the Assistant to the Director of Plant & Operations, and not be left in a mailbox, given to your supervisor, the human resources office, or given to any other college employee.

No key shall be transferred from one person to another without being returned to the Assistant to the Director of Plant & Operations for appropriate re-issue.

If a key has been lost or stolen, it is imperative to report it immediately.

Van Certification/Authorized Driver

In order to use a fleet vehicle, all trips must utilize an authorized driver. To become an authorized driver, you must be 21 years of age, watch a vehicle driver safety video and take a test offered by the Office of Plant & Operations, and be approved by the college’s insurance agency.

If interested in becoming an authorized driver please complete the Van Driver Authorization form, send that, along with a photo copy of your license, to the Maintenance Department via our mailbox in Mather or by email to

After the application is received in Maintenance you will receive an email with links to a video and a test. Once you pass the test, you will receive an email notification that you are authorized to drive and your name will be added to the list of certified drivers. That list is available upon request for anyone who is looking for a van driver for any college trip.

Vehicle Registration

Every employee who brings a vehicle to the college, must register that vehicle with the Office of Plant & Operations within 48 hours. Please turn in the form below with complete information to the Office of Plant & Operations (via mailbox in Mather).

Faculty & Staff Registration Form

Please be advised to park in the appropriate lots designated:

  • Persons Auditorium Lot - Available to all
  • Commuter Lot - Available ONLY to daily commuters NO OVERNIGHT PARKING
  • Upper Theater Lot (by Serkin) - Available to all
  • Admissions Lot - Available ONLY to college visitors during business hours
  • On Campus Parking - Is currently prohibited unless special permits are obtained

Vehicle Reservations

Only current Marlboro College faculty, staff, and student groups may use the Marlboro College vehicles.

To reserve/cancel a vehicle, a request needs to be sent to the Maintenance Department via this form.

In the request indicate the date(s) of your trip, the size vehicle you need (car, minivan or 15 pass van), and faculty sponsor, if a required. *Note that ALL Student trips need a Faculty or Staff sponsor

Reservations should be made at least one week in advance. If a situation arises where we receive more requests for vans than the number of vans we actually have, the following priority criteria will be used to fill the requests:

  1. Academic course-related travel
  2. Collegiate athletic games or matches
  3. Campus outreach groups
  4. All other college groups and activities

Please be advised, all vehicles must be cleaned and returned in the condition in which they were released.


All purchasing for any department should be done through the office of the Assistant to the Director of Plant & Operations. Requests should be made via purchase requisition. Please allow ample time to process such purchases. Extra time allowances need to be made in order to process any business with new vendors.

Please note, after purchases are received, all packing slips and invoices received must be submitted to the Accounts Payable office for timely payment. Also keep in mind that the fiscal year end is June 30th. All purchases for a specific year’s budget need to be completed with enough time to have the purchase shipped and billed to the college prior to June 30th. Items will be allocated against the budget year they are being used.


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