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Maintenance Requests

All non-pressing maintenance requests regarding issues with dorms or other buildings should be submitted using the Maintenance Request form. Your request will be responded to during normal business hours on weekdays.

If there is a request with urgent necessity, for example the loss of heat in a building, please contact the SLC on duty. The SLC on duty can then contact us 24 hours a day in emergency situations.


Keys are available for dorm rooms at the start of each semester or for a room switch that has been authorized by The Director of Housing.

Keys for academic facilities issued to students for reasons of research, off hours studies, or other legitimate purposes may be authorized by department faculty.

Normal processing time is 3 working days. You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your key is ready. Key pick-up and returns are available daily from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm in the Office of the Assistant to the Director of Plant & Operations.

All persons issued a key agree to return all keys to the Office of Plant Operations as soon as they no longer need them, and understand that they may be responsible for costs of replacement of the lockset ($75) should they lose a key or fail to return it. Please note this fee is per key.

Keys must be returned directly to the office of the Assistant to the Director of Plant & Operations, and not be left in a mailbox, given to an RA, or given to any other college employee.

During dorm closing, the office will be open daily during the week leading up to Commencement, and will be open after Commencement from 12:30 - 4:00 pm. Please note that there are no hours on Saturday, so please plan accordingly.

Driver Certification/Authorized Driver

In order to use a fleet vehicle, all trips must utilize an authorized driver. To become an authorized driver, you must be 21 years of age, watch a vehicle driver safety video and take a test offered by the Office of Plant & Operations, and be approved by the college’s insurance agency.

If interested in becoming an authorized driver please complete the Van Driver Authorization form, send that, along with a photo copy of your license to the Maintenance Department via our mailbox in Mather or by email to

After the application is received in Maintenance you will receive an email with links to a video and a test. Once you pass the test, you will receive an email notification that you are authorized to drive and your name will be added to the list of certified drivers. That list is available upon request for anyone who is looking for a van driver for any college trip.

Vehicle Registration

Every student who brings a motor-propelled vehicle to the college, must register that vehicle with the Office of Plant & Operations within 48 hours per the Marlboro College Bylaws (see the Marlboro College Handbook). Please complete and turn in the form below with complete information to the Office of Plant & Operations (via mailbox in Mather).

Student Vehicle Registration Form

Please park in the appropriate designated lots:

  • Persons Auditorium Lot - Available to all
  • Commuter Lot - Available ONLY to daily commuters NO OVERNIGHT PARKING
  • Upper Theater Lot (by Serkin) - Available to all
  • Admissions Lot - Available ONLY to college visitors during business hours
  • On Campus Parking - Is currently prohibited unless special permits are obtained

Vehicle Reservations

Only current Marlboro College faculty, staff, and student groups may use the Marlboro College vehicles.

To reserve/cancel a vehicle, a request needs to be sent to the Maintenance Department via this form.

In the request indicate the date(s) of your trip, the size vehicle you need (car, minivan or 15 pass van), and faculty sponsor, if a required. *Note that ALL Student trips need a Faculty or Staff sponsor.

Reservations should be made at least one week in advance. If a situation arises where we receive more requests for vans than the number of vans we actually have, the following priority criteria will be used to fill the requests:

  1. Academic course-related travel
  2. Collegiate athletic games or matches
  3. Campus outreach groups
  4. All other college groups and activities

Please be advised, all vehicles must be cleaned and returned in the condition that they were released in.

Dorm Damage Charges

At the end of each semester, in conjunction with Residential Life, Plant & Operations surveys each dorm for any damage that needs to be billed. Walk throughs are completed in student rooms as well as common areas. Please note, common areas include but are not limited to common rooms, hallways, storage areas, bathrooms and kitchens. The cost of any damage assessment (with the exception of cleaning charges) to a common area is divided by each student living in the dorm during that given period. If a student transfers into a new dorm for second semester, any damage that occurs to a room or common area in a prior semester is not charged to that student. The following is a list of items that may be charged for damage and their costs:

  • Rehanging of screen (per room): $15
  • Replacement of screen (per room): $50
  • Failure to return key (per key): $75
  • Small amount of trash left in room (per individual): $30
  • Large amount of trash left in room (per individual): $50
  • Writing on dorm walls (per room): repaint $50 plus $.50 per sq/ft requiring repaint
  • Small holes in dorm walls (per room): $50
  • Large holes in dorm walls (per room): $75
  • Writing on doors (per room): $50
  • Holes in doors (per room): $200
  • Replacement of furniture (per room): actual cost
  • Removal of non-college furniture (per room, per item): $50
  • Removal of bikes or other items on college property (per room, per item): $30

Damage charges may be disputed by emailing a formal letter of appeal to student accounts. Please direct your emails to

Laundry Cards & Machines

Laundry Cards

The machines use a card system, new students will each get a card, and after that anyone needing a card must buy one from the Add Value Station for $5 which is located under the Dining Hall in the laundry area. Before you try to add value, you must first register the card online. Please see detailed instructions here .

Any problems with the cards need to be addressed to Automatic Laundry, the service provider. Marlboro College has no access to this system and cannot know/find out what is wrong with the card.

Automatic Laundry contact information:

Kathy MacDougall, Card Administrator

617-969-4340 x110


Customer Service

617-969-4340 x127; 800-422-5833

Laundry Machines

If there are issues with a washer or dryer please notify maintenance using the maintenance request form on Nook, do not contact Automatic Laundry directly.


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