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Equipment Rental

A Marlboro alumnus canoes across a local reservoirThe Outdoor Program maintains a surprisingly large selection of gear for a variety of activities.

Need a backpack for a weekend trek? We’ve got you covered. How about a sled on the first snowy day? Yup! Warm wool mittens? We’ve got those too.

All the gear is available to borrow free of charge for current Marlboro community members (and their families). Folks outside the community can also borrow gear for a small charge. Stop by the O.P. when the gear window is open (hours listed in the O.P. Meeting Room and the Dining Hall) or by chance, and the OP staff can help you find what you need.

Most Commonly Borrowed Gear

We have more gear than what is listed here! Find an OP staff person or email op@marlboro.edu if you have any questions about borrowing gear or to ask if we have items available.


▪ Warm Hats ▪ Fleeces ▪ Long Underwear ▪ Rain Jackets & Pants ▪ Windbreakers ▪ Gloves & Mittens ▪ Snow Jackets & Pants ▪ Gaiters ▪ Ponchos ▪ Hiking Boots ▪

Trekking & Camping

▪ Daypacks ▪ Large Volume Packs ▪ Sleeping Pads ▪ Sleeping Bags ▪ Water Bottles ▪ Food Storage Buckets/Containers ▪ Tents ▪ Camping Hammocks ▪ Dining Fly ▪ Water Bags ▪ Water Filters ▪ Cooking Gear & Pot Sets ▪ Stoves ▪ First Aid Kits ▪ Headlamps & Flashlights ▪ Folding Saws ▪

Winter Gear

▪ Cross-Country Skis, Boots, & Poles ▪ Snowshoes ▪ Ice Cleats ▪ Snowboards & Boots ▪ Helmets ▪ Goggles ▪ Sleds ▪


▪ Canoes ▪ Sea Kayaks ▪ White Water Kayaks ▪ Paddleboards ▪ Sunfish ▪ PFD’s ▪ Helmets ▪ Wetsuits & Booties ▪ Paddle Jackets ▪ Spray Skirts ▪ Dry Bags ▪ Throw Ropes ▪ Paddles ▪ Snorkling Gear ▪

Miscellaneous & Recreation

▪ Board Games ▪ Frisbees ▪ Hackysacks ▪ Slacklines ▪ Coolers ▪ Tarps ▪ Spotting Scopes ▪

Additionally …

We have other gear for specific activities, including Climbing (Top Rope, Trad, Ice), Caving, Fishing, Skateboarding, and more!


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)