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Residential Life at Marlboro College is committed to providing an inclusive environment that promotes personal and academic success for all.

We hope this page is a resource to current and prospective community members. If you have questions, or want to speak with any of our staff members, from the Director to a Coordinator or a Resident Assistant (RA) please don’t ever hesitate to contact us in person or via email.

Vision: Marlboro College’s Residential Life Department works with students to co-create a regenerative and inclusive living environment where residents are empowered to take ownership of their spaces, relationships & actions.

Mission: To perform as a professional and accessible team that cultivates leadership development, facilitates proactive programming, and provides comprehensive crisis response. To evolve with the needs of the community and maintain Marlboro traditions and values while informed by student development best practices.

Values: Stewardship of our Marlboro home; Clear, concise & respectful communication on and offline; Understanding of our membership in the broader community; Compassionate accountability and kindness; Ownership of wellbeing; physical, emotional, spiritual.

Marlboro College seeks to provide students with a clean, safe and secure living environment. The Resident Assistant (RA) plays a critical role in this process. Under the leadership of a Student Life Coordinator (SLC), the Resident Assistant works with a residence or area to provide the individual contact with students which can be vital to their success. Resident Assistants are committed to supporting student growth and to creating and encouraging a sense of community within their residential community.


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