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Information for Responsible Employees

Here is what you—as an employee of Marlboro College—need to know about reporting:

Title IX mandates that colleges endeavor to create a safe and non-hostile environment for every student. Title IX requires that the College respond to incidents of sexual harassment/misconduct to take appropriate steps to investigate and, as appropriate, end and remedy that harassment/misconduct, and training of the same.

For the purposes of Marlboro College, all staff (exceptions are those protected by confidentiality: Total Health Center staff and the Survivor Advocate.), faculty and some student leaders (RAs, trip leaders, peer advisors, summer program leaders) are considered to be Responsible Employees under Title IX.

This designation mean that as an employee, you are obliged to report any of the following to Jean Kiewel, our Title IX Coordinator, in a timely fashion:

If you learn about a criminal event sexual or otherwise discriminatory in nature that took place at Marlboro, whether or not community members were involved
If you receive a report of the same - verbally or written
If you learn about the same through writing assignments or any other indirect mechanism
To make a report contact:

Marlboro College Title IX Coordinator Jean Kiewel
Pager # (802) 742-4705
Title IX Coordinator, PO Box A, Marlboro, VT 05344

For more information: Read our informational handout for responsible employees

Reporting Suspected Abuse of Minors

Certain college employees, including faculty and identified student leaders who work with minors, are mandatory reporters under Vermont law with regard to sexual or physical abuse of any individual under the age of 18. All community members are encouraged to report child abuse whether mandatory reporters or not. Any reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect of a minor, as defined by Vermont law (https://dcf.vermont.gov/sites/dcf/files/FSD/Policies/50.pdf) must be reported to Vermont’s Child Protection Line 1-800-649-5285.

If a minor is in immediate danger, dial 911 first. Then contact your supervisor if you are a student leader or student employee working with minors, Marlboro Campus Security (802-451-7146), the Title IX Coordinator Jean Kiewel (jkiewel@marlboro.edu 802-742-4705) or make a direct report to the Vermont Child Protection Line. All employees, whether mandated reporters or not, must also promptly report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect involving a Marlboro student or employee or occurring on campus to your supervisor if a student, Campus Security (802-451-7146) or the Title IX Coordinator Jean Kiewel (jkiewel@marlboro.edu 802-742-4705).


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