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Know Your Resources

The College encourages complainants from individuals who believe they are being or have been subjected to inappropriate conduct, and others with knowledge of such conduct, to report the conduct to the College through the procedures described below, and to seek the support of the College and/or external resources identified in the Policy.

To make a confidential report, or to learn more about your options and resources before making an official complaint, contact:

  • Our Total Health Center Counseling Office, open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, by appointment or chance. Please call 802-258-9335 (from outside the college), or x335 (from a campus phone) to make an appointment.
  • Our Coordinator for Campus Prevention, Intervention, and Advocacy, who serves as our Survivor Advocate, is available by appointment. Contact Megan Grove via email or phone (mgrove@marlboro.edu, 802-258-9227 or x227).
  • The Women’s Freedom Center is contracted by Marlboro College to provide resources via a 24 hour hotline (802-254-6954) to any victims of sexual or domestic crimes including rape, fondling, incest, statutory rape, domestic or dating violence, stalking. The Women’s Freedom Center serves people who have been the victim of a crime, regardless of gender identity.

To make an official complaint, contact our Title IX Coordinator, Jean Kiewel at jkiewel@marlboro.edu or by pager at: 1-802-742-4705.

Note that All faculty members and College employees (including RAs and identified student leaders) are Responsible Employees under Title IX Federal legislation. If you discuss an incident with any member of our faculty or staff, they are required to report it to our Title IX coordinator. When the Title IX coordinator learns of a crime, they will do everything possible to protect the complainant’s privacy and preferences about confidentiality, while also ensuring the safety of our broader campus community.


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