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The Total Health Center provides comprehensive and confidential health care, caring for acute and chronic health problems by promoting healthy lifestyles, nurturing the mind-body connection, and developing life skills to support ongoing health.

Marlboro College recognizes that physical and emotional health significantly influence one’s ability to participate fully in the college experience and in the world. 

Confidentiality of services is of top priority. No one—including faculty, parents, or other staff—is informed of visits or the care received here without written permission from the student, unless there is an emergency situation that is a threat to a student’s health or that of the community.

All questions, including those you may feel are trivial, are encouraged. Feel free to stop by to meet the staff. If you come to Marlboro already knowing of conditions or issues with which we can support you, please make a point to come by so we can work together to best assist you. Please call 802-258-9335.


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