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Information for Parents

A family goes through a significant transition when a son or daughter goes off to college.

It is an acknowledgement of the growing maturation of the student into young adulthood, with all the pleasures and challenges of inevitable change. Students are excited and anxious to test their newfound independence. Parents are excited and anxious that their almost adult children have a positive college experience. Both students and parents are in the process of finding a new balance in their relationships between independence and dependence. There are inevitable pulls toward past ways of relating for both students and parents as they struggle to find that balance.

Parents are in a tricky situation. They want to support their son/daughter by giving them the autonomy they need to grow academically and emotionally, but they also have concerns about any difficulties that they may encounter along the way, especially if they are at a distance.

The Total Health Center is available to all Marlboro College students who may be having difficulties during this transition as well as to students who may have ongoing physical and emotional health struggles. We offer individual, group, and couples counseling, as well as complete medical services- including prescriptions, women’s health, and immunizations. We are staffed with a nurse practitioner, two licensed mental health professionals, a phyciatric NP and an office manager. We address the student as a whole and see the connection between physical well-being and mental/emotional health. We encourage students on medications to work with their home providers but are able to prescribe medicine to those students who may require them. Students may avail themselves of the counseling and medical services without repercussions. We encourage any student who needs support to seek out help at no charge.

Our services are confidential. In compliance with the federal HIPAA laws we will not disclose a student’s presence in treatment or the nature of that treatment to anyone, including parents, without the student’s written permission. This can be a frustration to parents and we encourage students to talk with their parents and let them know they are seeking help, but they are not required to do so. In general, the only reason that this confidentiality would be broken would be if there was risk of immediate physical harm to the student or to another person.

A student may make an appointment to see a counselor or medical provider by calling or emailing our office manager, Emily Chapman at 802-258-9335 (ext. 335) or, by contacting one of our professionals by email, or by stopping in Mon-Fri, 8:30 am-4:00 pm. We make every effort to see the student as quickly as possible, often the same day if someone is in acute distress. After hours and on weekends there is a Student Life Coordinator on call as well as a Resident Assistant. Each carries a beeper for emergencies.

The staff at the Total Health Center welcomes phone calls from parents who have concerns that their student is undergoing physical or emotional difficulties. This is often a challenging situation for parents who may live far away. While we are unable to disclose whether or not a student is being seen at the health center without a signed release of information, the information you provide can be very helpful to our staff. You may also call the Dean of Students to both share information and discuss resources on campus.

In some cases the student might require more intensive or specialized treatment than the Total Health Center can provide. These students, as well as those who wish to be seen off campus, are referred to outside local providers. The health center also uses local hospitals for back up for psychiatric and medical emergencies.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Emily Chapman - Office Manager
  • Max Foldeak, MA LCMHC- Director of Counseling Services, Counselor
  • Devan Lucier, MSN, APRN, Director of Health Services
  • Cara Downey, MS-MHC
  • Julia McDougal, Phyciatric NP
  • Domonique Terrell, Intern Counselor


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