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Suicide Prevention

College is a stressful time, and when life stress combines with college stress some students consider suicide as a way to deal with emotions that may feel overwhelming.

Because we care about the well-being of every Marlboro student, we’ve implemented many different strategies to keep students safe while dealing with the stress of life events. While no institution can guarantee that students will never attempt suicide and no single prevention effort can serve all students, the following are steps based on current best practice approaches.

The Total Health Center in the center of campus offers free, confidential counseling services to all Marlboro College students during the academic year. Services are not available during breaks or after the academic year has ended; however we will help facilitate referrals during the school year to outside providers for the times when school is not in session.

Trained, professional, and experienced mental health counselors are available to see you. Advanced graduate student interns, closely supervised by the professional staff, are also available. If one counselor doesn’t fit your needs, let us know, and we’ll schedule you with another counselor.

Psychiatric evaluations are available on campus and in Brattleboro through a referral from one of our counselors, nurses, or nurse practitioners.

Referral to professionals in the community is provided when off-campus treatment is preferred by a student, when the counseling staff is not able to meet treatment needs, and for faculty and staff.

The Total Health Center staff will help arrange transportation if the student is unable to arrange this themselves. There are regular van runs into Brattleboro, and we maintain a list of Good Samaritan drivers comprised of Marlboro College Community members. Brattleboro Taxi service is also available.

The Total Health Center offers medical services with professional nurses, an RN and Nurse Practitioner, for all students. In addition to the mental health counselors, there is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner on campus once a week. The annual student comprehensive health fee provides free care at The Total Health Center and health insurance coverage.

Emergency appointments during business hours (8:30 am to 4:30 pm) are available for students who are in crisis. Let the office manager at the Total Health Center know you are in crisis and she will arrange for you to meet with a counselor as soon as possible.

Campus Safety: Our Student Life Coordinators are on duty after hours and can be reached by pager at 1-877-730-6051 (dial 7 first if you’re on a campus phone) wait for the prompt, then your number followed by the “#.”

Emergency Services are available for students who are feeling imminently suicidal and do not feel safe. Transportation to the emergency room in Brattleboro can be arranged through the Total Health Center, the Dean of Students’ office or the Student Life Coordinator on duty. A trained crisis team clinician will help evaluate the level of care needed. Short-term inpatient hospitalization is available to help you through the crisis, and the staff will develop a continuing treatment plan with you.

Consultation is available for any staff, faculty or student worried about another campus member through the Total Health Center at 802-258-9335.

Campus-wide trainings are available throughout the year for Student Life Coordinators, Resident Assistants, student leaders, and selected faculty and staff on suicide awareness, prevention and referral skills.

Withdrawal Policy for Medical or Other Emergencies: If a medical or mental health issue or a sudden and catastrophic incident makes it impossible for a student to complete a semester, Marlboro College allows students to petition for a Medical Withdrawal. For more information, contact the Total Health Center. Most importantly, if you are feeling suicidal tell a friend, your RA, someone who will bring you to the attention of the people who can help you. Ask for help.

Here are some off campus web sites we trust to provide thoughtful and accurate guidance to those concerned about suicidal feelings and behaviors.


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