Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

Do students eat well?

Marlboro’s dining hall provides three meals every weekday and two meals (brunch and dinner) on the weekends. Vegetarian and allergy-sensitive meal options are always available. Students who live on campus can elect to either have a 19 meals/week or 14 meals/week plan. Students who live off campus who want to eat on campus can either purchase a meal plan or have the meals billed to their accounts.

What if there are residential/roommate issues?

We encourage students to address these issues themselves. Successfully resolving roommate conflicts independent of outside help allows student to build conflict resolution skills. However, if students are unable to resolve conflicts, the RA (Resident Assistant) or the Student Life Advisors, and the Director of Housing and Residential Life are all trained and available to assist students with roommate issues. For more information please visit the Residential Life website.

Who do I talk to if I have financial aid questions?

You can contact the financial aid office at or contact Cathy Fuller at 802-258-9237.

What is the enrollment deposit?

Every student planning to maintain Marlboro College student status (whether enrolled, taking a leave of absence or on absentia) must submit a $400.00 deposit. Returning students deposit is due by April 1 each year; new students by May 1. Students who have not paid the enrollment deposit are not eligible for campus housing or financial aid. You can contact the student accounts office at 802-258-9241 if you have questions.

Is there a bank or an ATM on campus?

There is not an actual bank on campus; however, the accounting office allows students to open personal accounts wherein they may deposit checks and withdraw up to $40.00/day. This “student bank” operates from 1-3pm, Monday-Friday. We do not have an ATM machine on campus.

How do I certify my son or daughter’s enrollment for insurance and other purposes?

Marlboro College sends enrollment information several times each semester to the National Student Clearinghouse, which is the quickest way to obtain enrollment verifications. Go to and click on Degree and Enrollment Verifiers or call 703-742-4200. If this does not work for you, you can email your request to the registrar at The verification request must be submitted in writing. Your son/daughter may also submit verification forms to the registrar’s office for completion. Note that only tentative verifications are possible prior to the drop deadlines each semester.

Who do I talk to if I have questions about my son/daughter’s health insurance?

Meghan Littlehales at Marlboro’s Total Health Center can answer your questions about student health insurance. You can reach her at or by phone at 802-258-9335.

What does my son/daughter do if he/she gets sick?

The Total Health Center has regularly scheduled walk- in hours and appointment slots Monday-Friday. There is also an emergency system in place operated by the Student Life Advisors (SLAs) and RAs (Resident Assistants) in case there is a health emergency when the Total Health Center is closed. For more details please see the Total Health Center website.

If my son/daughter is stressed out and needs some help, what should they do?

There are several excellent resources on campus that they can utilize. Students can see professional counselors who have offices in the Total Health Center. They can set up individual appointments, and there are also group counseling sessions that are offered each semester that they can join. The Student Life Advisors, the Resident Assistants, the Associate Dean of Students and the Dean of Students are all available and willing to help students at any time.

What is your policy on alcohol and drugs? Who do I call if I have substance abuse concerns for my son/daughter?

Marlboro’s drug and alcohol policy can be found in the College Handbook.  The alcohol and drug section is Article XV. You can contact the Dean of Students Office at 802-258-9238 to discuss your questions and concerns about alcohol and drugs on campus. Keep in mind that Federal privacy Laws prevent the college from imparting information about individual students.

Where can my son/daughter go for academic support?

Students needing academic assistance can contact Jeremy Holch, Director of Academic Support Services at or by phone at 802-258-9260. Detailed information can be found on the academic support services webpages.

What if my son/daughter needs assistance choosing courses?

All students are assigned an academic advisor. They should consult with their academic advisor on a weekly basis to discuss course selection and various other academic issues. Students can also contact Catherine O’Callaghan, Director of Academic Advising at or at 802-258-9235.

Do parents receive a copy of their student’s grades?

In accordance with Federal privacy Laws, the college is not at liberty to release students’ grades to parents without consent on the part of the student. For more information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, visit the U.S. Department of Education's website.

Does my son/daughter need to bring a computer?

There is a computer lab in the library open 24 hours a day for student use; however, many students prefer the flexibility of having their own computer. A laptop with wireless connection capability is usually preferable since it can be used to access files, resources, email and the Internet from many places around campus. Network jacks are provided in the dorm rooms, so desktop computers with Ethernet support can be used as well.

Do cell phones work on campus?

Service is rather spotty in the area; however, students do use them. AT&T, Sprint, UniCell, US Cellular and Verizon provide coverage.

What activities do students get involved in during their spare time?

Marlboro students can take advantage of a variety of activities: The Outdoor Program (OP) regularly sponsors events and trips ranging from climbing wall sessions, to canoeing, caving, kayaking, camping, hiking and skiing. There are a variety of clubs and committees on campus, both academic and co-curricular, that students can join and participate in on a regular basis. Marlboro also boasts an intramural soccer team and occasional ultimate Frisbee matches. For more information please visit the Outdoor Program website.

Can my son/daughter vote in state and federal elections while at Marlboro?

Marlboro will encourage and assist students in voting while they are here. The first step is for students to register to vote.  Students may register at their parents' address, and this is the best option if they hold a drivers license or other identification at that address, since they will need proof of residency to register and to vote.  The best way to register to vote is in person, at your locality, town or county offices.  Voting is regulated by states and localities, and students can most easily learn the rules from local voting officials. Once at Marlboro, students have several options for voting.  Many will arrange to receive absentee ballots.  Voting by mail requires attention to deadlines, which are set by the states.  State government web sites are a good source of voter information.  Students who live within an easy drive of Marlboro may return home to vote, either on election day or during the weeks prior to election day; many states allow voting at town or city offices during the weeks prior to an election.  Students who are eligible to vote but do not have another primary residence can register locally and vote in Marlboro or surrounding towns, depending upon where they reside while at Marlboro.  Bookstore manager Rebecca Bartlett `79 is happy to provide information to students on procedures for registration and voting while at Marlboro.

Are there options for meals/food on campus other than the dining hall/meal plan options?

The Coffee Shop, located in the Campus Center, offers coffee/grill items/snacks and is open Monday-Friday from 9am-3:30pm as well as evening hours 7-10pm Sunday through Thursday. The food served in the Coffee Shop can be paid for with cash or via Dining Dollars that are either included as part of the 14 meals/week plan ($250 per semester) or added at any time to the student’s account at the student accounts office. The Coffee Shop is staffed by student workers.

What is my son/daughter's address and how do they receive mail on campus?

Mail: Address information for mail being delivered through the Post Office: 

Student Name
MC Box #
P.O. Box B
Marlboro, VT  05344-0301 

Packages being delivered by FedX, UPS or DHL need our physical location:

Student Name
MC Box #
2582 South Rd.
Marlboro, VT  05344

All mail is delivered to student boxes Monday-Friday.

How does my son/daughter pay for textbooks?

"The National Association of College Stores reports that in 2009, full-time college students spent an average of $693 over 12 months on required course materials. At Marlboro, the college bookstore carries textbooks for all courses as well as school supplies and other necessities. The store accepts personal checks, cash, and Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards. Students in good standing with the Business Office may charge purchases at the Bookstore. Accounts are made available automatically at the beginning of the term for students whose college bills have been paid. The Business Office bills monthly for Bookstore purchases; the privilege of charging purchases may be withdrawn if bills are not paid in a timely manner. Since the college must pay transaction fees for purchases made by credit card, we encourage students to use these cost-free student accounts. Students who have questions about textbooks required for courses should speak to their faculty or to the bookstore manager, Rebecca Bartlett '79, 802-258-9226. Students can discuss their bookstore charge accounts with the Student Accounts Office by calling 802-258-9241 or visiting the office.

Copies of many required course texts are available to borrow from the Reserve Room at the Rice-Aron Library. Reserve readings circulate for three hours at a time. Lists of reserve readings arranged by professor can be viewed in the library catalog.

My son/daughter has a disability. What kinds of services are available and how do we arrange for them?

Contact Catherine O'Callaghan, Assistant Dean of Academic Advising & Support, 802-258-9235 or Ext. 235.  Catherine can answer all questions and facilitate the accommodation process.

What are the library hours and how can my son/daughter access materials that are not in your library?

The library is open 24/7; students may borrow materials at any time via self-checkout on the honor system. The library purchases many student requests for books and DVDs; books, DVDs, and journal articles are also borrowed from a worldwide network of libraries via interlibrary loan. The library provides access to large collections of academic ebooks and ejournals which can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet (login required from off campus). Librarians meet with students one-on-one, in classes, and in group workshops to discuss research strategies and sources.

Where can my son/daughter and I find official information about academic policies, class standing, transfer credits, absentia, leave of absence, grading, enrollment, billing and related matters?

All academic policies are included in the Academic Handbook. Students and parents are encouraged to become familiar with the Handbook and to consult it when issues arise.