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Marlboro provides online file storage for students, faculty and staff. This storage is included in a user's file storage quota that also includes email. In addition Marlboro's Google Apps account allows for file storage using Google Docs which has its own quota, and which is often easier to use. Support for Google Docs is available through Google's Help system.

Setup for Marlboro's File Storage (Akbar)

You can store your files on Akbar which is accessible as a file server from Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Depending on where you are and what type of computer you have, you can use the following tutorials to gain access to Akbar.

We do not recommend the use of floppy disks. They are unreliable and prone to failure. In addition, more recent computers no longer have floppy drives. If you want to keep your files with you, you may want to use a USB flash memory device.

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