Marlboro College

Resources Whom to see about . . .

Academic Support Services Jeremy Holch Library
Academic Advisor (finding, changing, problems with) Catherine O’Callaghan Mather
Academic Regulations (what they are, how to interpret) Handbook
Your Advisor/Dedicated Hour Group
Catherine O’Callaghan
Richard Glejzer
Automobile (registration) Chris Silva Maintenance Building
Bills (fees, charges) Office of Student Accounts Mather
Bookstore (book returns, newspaper subscriptions) Rebecca Bartlett Bookstore
Check Cashing Watch for Information on Student Bank hours Mather
Coffee Shop (hours, menu) Richie Brown Coffee Shop
Commuting from Brattleboro (College Van) Chris Silva Maintenance Building
Copying (photocopying) Lynn Lundsted
Margaret Hunt
Mather East
Counseling (how to make appointments, fees) Megan Littlehales
Max Foldeak
Judy Katz
Your Advisor
Total Health Center
Course Schedules Registrar’s Office Mather East
Disabilities (Accommodations, information) Megan Littlehales Total Health Center
Drop/Add Procedures Handbook
Watch Your Mail Box for Information
Your Advisor
Mather East
Emergency Procedures Your RA
Xenia Markowitt Pedone
SLC on Duty

or SLC on Duty (877.730.6051)
E-Mail Addresses The online directory  
Exit Interview Catherine O’Callaghan – Academic
Cathy Fuller – Financial Aid
Faculty (concerns, issues) Richard Glejzer
Mather East
FAX Machine (use, charges) Sunny Tappan Mather 1st Floor
Financial Aid (forms, deadlines, process) Cathy Fuller Admissions, 2nd floor
Harassment (information, concern, complaint) Handbook
Xenia Markowitt Pedone
Your RA
Health Services (hours, clinics, information) Ruth Loomis
Megan Littlehales
Your RA
Your Peer Advisor

Total Health Center

Housing (availability, signing up for) Jodi Clark Mather
I.D. Cards Sunny Tappan Mather
In Absentia Work Your Advisor
Catherine O’Callaghan
World Studies Office
World Studies Center
Incompletes (what they are) Handbook
Xenia Markowitt Pedone (medical)
Catherine O’Callaghan (dean's)
Insurance, Student (forms, coverage) Megan Littlehales Total Health Center
International Student Information (regulations, advice) World Studies Office World Studies Center
Keys (lost, found, needed) Susan Caffery
Maintenance Building
Learning Disabilities Jeremy Holch Library
Leave of Absence Catherine O’Callaghan
Your Advisor
Library Emily Alling
Lost and Found Sunny Tappan Mather 1st Floor
Mail Service(in-come, out-go) Lynn Lundsted Mailroom – downstairs Mather East
Maintenance (report problem, request) Susan Caffery
Dan Cotter
Maintenance Building
Meals (times, vegetarian) Handbook
Off-Campus Housing Jodi Clark Mather
Office Space for Seniors Margaret Hunt Mather East
Sign-up in Science Building
Outdoor Program (activities, schedules) Randy Knaggs OP Office
Parking (where to park, fines) Handbook  
Phones Sunny Tappan Mather 1st Floor
Registration (academic)

(clearance, forms)
Your Advisor
Student Accounts
Mather East

Rooming (assignments, concerns) Jodi Clark
Room Scheduling


Susan Caffery(other)

Scholarships Cathy Fuller Admissions, 1st Floor
Admissions, 2nd Floor
SLAs (Student Life Coordinators)


SLC on Duty (877.730.6051)
Smoking (regulations) Handbook  
Stamps   Bookstore
Marlboro Post Office
Student Activities Randy Knaggs OP Building
Study Abroad World Studies Office World Studies Center
Technical Assistance (computer, training, troubleshooting, e-mail) John Stiteler Library Fishbowl
Transcripts Registrar Mather East
Transportation (use of College vehicles...) Chris Silva Maintenance Building
Trustees (who they are, what's happening) Your representative
Lynn Degnon
see Selectpeople's Board
Mather 2nd Floor
Tutoring (writing)

(subject area)
Jeremy Holch
Your Advisor
Your Teacher
Catherine O’Callaghan

Van Trips (UMass Library, Bratt.,Church)
See bulletin boards

Dining Hall
Vehicles (registration) Chris Silva Maintenance Building
Withdrawals Catherine O’Callaghan
Xenia Markowitt Pedone
Work Study (jobs, regulations, concerns) Cathy Fuller Mather, 1st Floor
Work Study Checks Sunny Tappan Mather 1st Floor
World Studies Program (resources, questions)

Brenda Foley
World Studies Office

World Studies Center
  1. Handbook
  2. Directory
  3. Emergency Information
  4. Career Development
  5. Forms & Information
    1. Operational Information
    2. Campus Forms
    3. Room Scheduling
  6. Academic Calendar
  7. Community Calendar
  8. Library
  9. Food Services
  10. Bookstore