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Attendance and Work Hours

Purpose and General Expectations

Your role at Marlboro College is crucial. Every position at the College is interdependent and relies on the presence of others to facilitate communication and collaboration. The consistent and predictable attendance of employees allows community members to focus on collaboration and accomplishment while supporting the planning of departmental workload, events and projects.

All employees must be present and available for work when scheduled. Administrative offices and functions must be open, staffed and available to the community and the public during business hours. Employees need to work together to provide continuity and availability during lunch and breaks whenever possible.

Hours of Operation

The College administration is open to the public during regular business hours of 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM on the Marlboro College campus and 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the Brattleboro campus, Monday through Friday except for holidays. However, the programs and facilities of the College continue twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Therefore, employees in many positions may work schedules outside of regular business hours on a regular or occasional basis.

Schedules and Attendance

The scheduled work time for your position at Marlboro is defined by your job, the nature of your work and the requirements of the department. Schedules vary based on individual positions. Occasionally, circumstances require temporary or ongoing changes to a position’s regular schedule. If the College requires a change, the employees involved will be notified. Employee requested changes in schedule must be in writing and approved by the supervisor in advance.

Employees including exempt staff must be present and ready to work when scheduled. If it is not possible for an employee to work when scheduled, he/she must contact their supervisor before their regularly scheduled shift. As a courtesy, administrative positions should also notify the receptionist in order to direct callers appropriately.

Voluntary Participation in College Events

As an integral part of the Marlboro College community, you are encouraged (but not required) to attend Town Meeting and participate in Town Meeting committees. Staff members should remain mindful of the responsibilities of their positions while they participate in College community life and they should schedule community activities around work responsibilities. Supervisors may require an employee to reduce the amount of time spent on community activities should a supervisor determine that work performance is adversely affected by the level or type of community involvement.

You are also invited to participate in campus activities outside of regular work hours, on a voluntary basis, such as social gatherings, lectures, performances and exhibits. Voluntary participation in College events and activities is not considered time worked. However, if your supervisor requests that you participate in a College event to achieve the goals of your position or department, the activity will be considered time worked and you will be compensated for that time worked, if in a non-exempt position. Staff members who wish to perform volunteer work for the College must consult first with their supervisors. Supervisors may not require employees to volunteer for any College activities.


You are encouraged to take short breaks during the course of the workday. Breaks are intended to allow you to refresh, refocus and relax. Breaks may not cumulatively exceed 15 minutes per four hours of work time. Break periods within the 15-minute guideline need not be recorded on the timecard and will be considered time worked and therefore paid. Extended break periods taken by non-exempt employees must be recorded on the timecard as they are not considered working hours and are not paid. The standard workday additionally includes a non-paid 30-minute break for lunch. Please consult your supervisors for break schedules or guidelines specific to your department.


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